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Well-founded know-how and a wide range of special products are the basis of Andair's leadership. Over 50 years experience pledges for best quality, the type tested and approved by the SPIEZ LABORATORY of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence. No other area needs such uncompromising safety. Perfect operation reliability is not only a goal but a must. A reliable technique is required. Special shelters must be protected and ventilated against many threats and endangerments.



Poor performance of nonstructural components, equipment, and systems is the greatest contributor to damage, losses, and business interruption for most facilities after an earthquake. The cost of loss of operations, service, market share, and business continuity or interruption can exceed the value of the building itself. The new International Building Code incorporates more stringent design requirements for nonstructural components, and buildings in compliance should show greater earthquake risk tolerance.

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Many building owners spend unnecessary amounts of money on resolving acoustic issues primarily resulting from malfunctioning HVAC equipment or systems. Rather than fixing the source of the problem, most resolutions involve making the rooms which house the noisy equipment/systems more acoustically retardant by rebuilding heavy acoustical walls, ceilings, doors, etc.

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Vibration measurements give us the information needed to understand why problems have occurred. If we can interpret the data obtained in a correct way and perhaps change the way a machine is isolated then the machine will become more reliable in the future making the overall process more profitable. Therefore by including the suitable vibration isolation product, we can save money, machine, and structure flier and in most of the cases improve the product quality.

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Floating floors as used in sound studios can be either just larger versions of the domestic variety or much larger constructions with slabs of concrete to keep the resonance frequency down. The manufacture of integrated circuits uses massive floating floors with hundreds of tons in weight of concrete to avoid vibration affecting mask alignment. 

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Analytical design plays a very important role in the design of effective pipe systems. Piping and piping components could fail if not properly designed. In the majority of cases, avoiding failure means controlling the loads and displacements in the system. To make sure piping systems can wind stand the conditions they will be subjected to. And with this analysis, we can choose the proper system of isolation and which product is better to install.

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Any effect on the design due to temperature could be simulated with FEA thermal analysis. Stress, strain, and deflection induced in design during temperature change (thermal expansion or compression) could be captured using Thermal stress analysis which helps us to choose the proper materials to use to avoid failure of elbows and pipelines. And here at UAE, this analysis is very important to any design because of the wide range of chaining the temperature.

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A heliport is a small airport suitable only for use by helicopters. Heliports typically contain one or more helipads and may have limited facilities such as fuel, lighting, a windsock, or even hangars. In larger towns and cities, customs facilities may be available at a heliport. But with its useful use it has large vibration and noise problems, and we can solve these problems with the right design and the best vibration and sound isolation systems and products.

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