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Teknoware has been supplying a wide range of interior for commercial vehicles, and emergency lighting systems for public premises and ships, since 1972. The company has a leading position as a designer, developer and manufacturer of special lighting solutions, meeting the customers' needs, whatever the market.


With more than 40 years of experience, Teknoware is one of the leading . They are a significant technological innovator of emergency lighting systems for buildings, ships and other locations. The emergency lighting product range covers exit lights, emergency lights, central battery systems, emergency lighting monitoring systems and central monitoring softwares, control electronics, spare parts and much more.


Headquarters and main production facilities are situated in Lahti, Finland. However in order to meet the requirements of local markets in Gulf region such as the United Arab Emirates, the company established an office on 2008, which is an ISO 9001 certified and serves as a center of excellence for Teknoware in the region. The company has the ability to provide you with proper and timely information on all aspects of design and product selection helping you stay on schedule, in compliance to the local standards and regulations and within budgets on our project.


Over the years, Teknoware has manufactured millions of electronic inverters and LED drivers, which can be found in trains, busses, ships and buildings, around the globe.


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