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NETIX Controls is a vendor-neutral automation solutions provider that uses technology to provide sustainable solutions that will transform facilities and buildings. Built on the principles of IoT and being a Master Systems Integrator, NETIX Controls are dedicated to the drive towards intelligent buildings and, combine our design and engineering skills and, extensive knowledge about the needs of the automation systems and their management to help create innovative solutions for any requirement.


Netix Controls engage in different automation solution as well as the . With the current growing necessity of sustainability, there has been a major hike in the upgrade of facilities management, whether it's the green field or the brown field. Energy is amongst the highest source of expense and the quickest way to manage resources in an efficient and sustainable manner that can be carried forward to the future.


At Netix Controls, we provide this futuristic solution to energy management that explores the smart grid industry revolution at its fullest. A smart meter is an intelligent, digital device that is designed to show exact energy usage in near real time, enabling customers to actively manage and reduce their energy consumption - a seemingly basic component with an elaborate solution.


With the increasing necessity of sustainability and the rapid pace of advancement and growth of cities, the need for creating and investing in smart cities is a vital. A smart city is not just digitalization of establishments, connectivity, infrastructure, facilities and every other element that makes up a habitat but the groundwork for an upgraded sustainable solution achieving a prosperous, inclusive, cost-effective, efficient and healthier city where the time gap between data collection, data analysis and solution is the bare minimum. NETIX delivers detailed, actionable insights into an establishment's performance through the following steps.



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